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Comprehensive Eye Exams for Better Vision

Family Vision Care & Contact Lenses has spent years helping patients see their world better through new glasses, the latest in contact lens innovations, and the treatment of eye disease. We strive to provide the most accurate and latest diagnostic equipment and treatment options. We are constantly in communication with your other primary care and specialty doctors. Our examination does ‘not stop’ at your eyes. We are proud of our office’s reputation in our community and our caring staff is dedicated to helping you in the exam room, optical, and with your insurance and billing questions.

One women eye test is going on

The Importance of Annual Eye Exams

We recommend you see us at least once a year for an eye exam – whether you are getting new glasses or contact lenses or not. These routine checkups service numerous roles and are integral to your overall health. They prevent disease and protect your vision. They detect small changes in your prescription. Since many eye diseases do not have symptoms, they are the only way to catch them and begin treatment. The benefits of annual exams aren’t limited to detecting eye disease, either. They can help identify overall health conditions like diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol, thyroid disease, autoimmune disorders, and even cancer. Come see us for an eye exam if you are noticing:

  • Draining or redness in either eye
  • Eye pain
  • Double vision
  • Tiny specks in your vision
  • Circles or halos around lights
  • If you can’t remember your last exam

Visit Us Today For Your
Annual Eye Exam

Our medically trained optometrists understand how to utilize general eye exams to improve your overall health. Whether you visit our team with the intent of purchasing new sun or eyeglasses, or if it is merely time for an eye exam, you can count on a high degree of professionalism. Using the latest technology for obtaining your glasses prescription and diagnostic equipment to check eye health, we can ensure you will be seeing your best and that your eyes are at their healthiest.

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